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Day One - Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Workshop 1: EPR Reporting Data to Track Corporate Sustainability Success - EPI & Intertek
Workshop: Leverage EPR Reporting Data to Track Corporate Sustainability Success
Victor Bell from Environmental Packaging International (EPI) and Sabrina Cescolini from Intertek will discuss the myriad of corporate reporting needs today, including product stewardship and sustainability reporting, and how companies can utilize the same EPR packaging and product fee reporting data to meet these growing requirements. They will highlight tools that will enable companies to complete their reporting in an automated, centralized manner to help reduce their administrative costs, lower compliance risks, consider EPR fees in cost of goods, and enhance their Corporate Sustainability profile.   

An outline for the workshop is below.

  1. Canadian & Global EPR packaging and product reporting requirements
  2. Streamlining reporting for multiple product and packaging programs
  3. Increased demand for corporate metrics to meet internal and external sustainability goals
  4. Using EPR packaging data to perform corporate Life Cycle Analyses to assess the environmental impact of packaging
  5. Accounting for EPR fees in the Cost of Goods (profit margin)
Providing “visible fee” information to your customers

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Workshop 2: Rate Setting Strategies - Stewardship Programs: Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Programs such as the producers’ extended responsibility and compensation regime require the development of a rate-setting strategy. This strategy can have significant impacts on several links in an industry’s value chain and must therefore rely on best practices. During this conference, the RCGT professionals will explain the importance of implementing an integrated rate-setting process that encompasses all stakeholders, from the cost model development underlying the rate to the program audit and accountability. The conference is intended for government organizations, organizations responsible for the different stewardship program and contributing enterprises. With their extensive experience and knowledge gained from supporting stakeholders throughout the value chain, Ghyslain Cadieux, Senior Manager, Strategy and Performance Consulting Group and Mathieu Lendick, Senior Manager, Strategy and Performance Consulting Group–IS Specialized Audit, will provide a comprehensive portrait of the situation and provide suggested improvements.

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Workshop 3: ÉEQ meets its contributing companies: Discussion on broadening the designated materials classes
As part of ongoing efforts to stabilize the materials rates, ÉEQ is currently looking into adding containers, packaging and printed matter sold as short-lived products and those produced through B2B trade to the designated materials classes. Including these materials will help redistribute the costs of curbside recycling over a greater number of target materials and businesses. The objective of the meeting is to share our progress, hear your comments and further discuss the issue. Registration required, a lunch will be served.

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Chairs of Conference & Welcome Address: Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre

Keynote: Jean Lemire, Explorer, Ecologist, Author, Filmmaker: Our Wonderful & Fragile World

Views on Canadian Stewardship - Original Research: Rob Hutton, Innovative Research Group

Comments & Views on State of EPR & Research Paper: Denis Brisebois, Exec. VP, Metro Foods; John Coyne, Vice President Legal & External Affiarsl, Unilever Canada; Jeff van Damme, Vice President & General Counsel, Samsung Canada
Day Two - Thursday, September 28, 2017
Oversight Panel - Three Speakers discussing Oversight of Stewardship in Their Province: Dominique Potelle, Recyc Quebec; Glenda Gies, Chair, Ontario Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority; Bob McDonald, Director Extended Producer Responsibility, BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

Views From Europe on Circular Economy: Herman Huisman, Dutch Government; Dr. Michiel De Smet, Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Joachim Quoden, Executive Director, EXPRA, Belgium
The New Plastics Economy presents a bold and much-needed vision for a plastics system that works. It provides a new way of thinking about plastics as an effective global material flow, aligned with the principles of the circular economy. As such, it aims to harness the benefits of plastics while addressing its drawbacks, delivering drastically better system-wide economic and environmental outcomes. In this talk, the New Plastics Economy will be explained, as well as three distinct strategies for the entire plastic packaging value chain to transition towards it. In addition, a set of priority actions will be shared, to mobilise the strategies and set a common direction for all players across the global plastics packaging value chain, including companies, policymakers and designers - a global action plan which has been launched at the 2017 World Economic Forum meeting and endorsed by 40+ business and government leaders.

Luncheon Speaker: Hon. David Heurtel, Minister of Sustainable Development & Fight Against Climate Change, Quebec

Circular Economy - The Canadian Context: Dr. Sophie Bernard, Professor, Montreal Polytechnic University; Chris Lindberg, Executive Director, Ontario's Circular Economy Lab; Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability, PAC Packaging Consortium

Changing World of EPR: Shane Hedderson, Western Canadian Business Manager, CleanFarms; Pierre Delepinau, CEO, Adivalor, France; Cynthia Dunn, Supervising Senior Evironmental Scientist, Cal Recycle USA; Steve Alexander, President, The Association of Plastic Recyclers

Day Three - Friday, September 29, 2017
Challenges for EPR in North America - Individual Stewardship Innovation: Coffee Pods Take Separate Approaches
Moderator: James Downham, President & CEO, PAC Packaging Consortium
Panelists: Monique Oxender, Chief Sustainability Officer, Keurig Canada; Nespresso (speaker TBC); Kim Cunningham, VP Category Marketing, Mother Parkers; Claudio Gemmiti, SVP Innovation & Strategic Growth, Club Coffee

EPR Canada - Seven Year Review of EPR Across Canada: Christina Seidel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta; Geoff Love, President, Love Environmental

Innovation and Designing for Sustainability
Moderator: Mark Badger, Executive Vice President, Canada Fibers - Urban Resource Group
Speakers: Elena Papakosta, Environmental Compliance Manager, Dell Inc.; Tonny Colyn, National Manager, The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Thrift Stores are in the business of recycling and salvage for resale. A large part of what they do is not only household item and textile diversion, but actual textile recycling. The successes they have had in reducing large volumes of household items and textile waste from landfills through reuse are revealed. Recently partnering with multiple municipalities across the country, they highlight the ongoing high volume diversion occurring in BC, as well as the potential for growth. These efforts support many local community support initiatives of The Salvation Army, giving right back to the communities from which the donations came.