-2017 Sponsors-


Exhibitors have the unique opportunity to interact with Canadian and multi-national companies, provincial and national stewardship program executives, municipalities, provincial and federal government representatives at the Conference on Canadian Stewardship, September 27 - 29, 2017 in Montréal, Canada. The event is being held at Le Centre Sheraton, Montréal. This event is being held cooperatively with Éco Enterprises Québec.

This 7th national conference on producer responsibility will host an expected 600 delegates who are the movers and shakers of producer responsibility in Canada and in the USA.

Exhibitors will benefit from being able to discuss their business offerings with the “who’s who” of sustainability and stewardship in Canada, the USA and Europe. Who should consider being an exhibitor at this conference:

  • Consultants, human resource firms, accounting and business
    management firms
  • Providers of recycling equipment, bins, collection, processing, equipment manufacturers, MFR designers, and marketing service suppliers
  • Stewardship program organizations,
  • Recycling service providers (collection, processing, marketing, computer support)
  • Suppliers EPR programs including E-waste, waste oil, beverage container recycling, tire recycling, waste pharmaceuticals, needles/ sharps, packaging recycling, paper and plastic recycling, aluminum recycling
  • Recycling collections and market service providers
  • Material & scrap brokers and buyers
  • Insurers, expediters, freight forwarders & trucking companies

35 exhibitors will be accepted for the main Exhibit Hall and the Conference Foyer. Costs for an 8 x 8 booth are:

  • $1500 + taxes (before July 1, 2016); includes 1 full conference registration and meals, subsequent registrations $500 for all venues and meals
  • Additional requirements (furnishings, electrical, signage, shipping, set-up) are available through our convention services supplier, details and prices are in Exhibitors Kit, available on this website page

Exhibitors may also wish to be sponsors, expanding their reach and exposure with delegates throughout conference sessions.

2017 Exhibitors List

  • Boissons Gazeuses Environnement
  • Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association
  • Canada Fibers Ltd.
  • Carton Council of Canada
  • Cascades
  • Clean River Recycling Solutions
  • Cycle Environment
  • Éco Entreprises Québec
  • Eco-Goldex
  • Electronic Products Recycling Association
  • Emterra Group
  • FCM Recycling
  • GEEP
  • Groupe AFFI Logistique
  • Industries Machinex Inc.
  • Keurig Canada
  • Merlin/ReVital Polymers
  • Recyc Quebec
  • Shift Recycling
  • Tomra Canada Inc.
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Complete the attached application form and forward it to:mckenney@vip.net to reserve your booth today. For information contact Mark McKenney 250-495-4592