-2017 Sponsors-

Victor Bell, President, EPI
EPI President Victor Bell is a Certified Packaging Professional with more than 20 years of experience with environmental issues associated with packaging and products. In 1998, Mr. Bell founded Environmental Packaging International (EPI), a consultancy that advises global brand owners and retailers on a wide range of environmental compliance, product stewardship, and sustainability issues related to packaging, batteries, electronics, and other products. He is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Executive Committee and participated in the ISO Packaging Standards Committee and Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability. He received his MMA (Marine Affairs) and BS (Natural Resource) degrees from the University of Rhode Island and an MS (Urban and Environmental Studies) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Sabrina Cescolini, Manager of Sustainability, Intertek
Sabrina has 9+ years’ experience consulting on various aspects of strategic sustainable development and embodies exceptional knowledge and management skills related to sustainability projects. Based in Toronto her responsibilities include support and delivery of technical excellence in green claims and sustainable certifications. Whether for a specific product, material or a whole-building, Sabrina’s brings a holistic approach to connecting project requirements and cost efficiencies that meaningfully advance our client’s goals. Highlights include specialties in energy efficiency and conservation measures, benchmarking, life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, material selection and verification, compliance with building certifications, operational efficiencies and program development.

Ghyslain Cadieux, Senior Manager Strategy and Performance Group, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Ghyslain Cadieux is a Senior Manager in the Strategy and Performance Consulting Group. He has over 20 years of experience in performance management in the public sector, with manufacturing and service enterprises. He has primarily been involved in assignments to analyze and implement corporate production cost systems and performance management. Profitability, rate setting and budgeting are the core elements of his practice, contributing to numerous partnerships where he leverages his team’s expertise. Since 2007, Ghyslain has performed numerous cost and performance analyses in the residual matters sector and his team’s expertise is widely recognized in Quebec.

Mathieu Lendick, Senior Manager Strategy and Performance Group, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Mathieu Lendick is a Senior Manager in the Strategy and Performance Consulting Group at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. He joined Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton 12 years ago, performing both financial and non-financial auditing in various industries for more than 10 years. Mathieu is now fully involved in specialized audit engagements and he and his team gained extensive knowledge of the various stewardship programs in Canada. Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton now undertakes close to 100 audits yearly in Quebec and across the country and has gained extensive recognition across the industry.

Allen Langdon, Managing Director, Recycle BC
As the Managing Director for Recycle BC, Allen oversees the first 100% Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program in North America where industry has assumed full financial and managerial responsibility for the residential recycling system.
Allen has extensive experience in sustainability and extended producer responsibility, and previously served as the VP of Sustainability for the Retail Council of Canada and the VP of Environment for the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors.
Allen is also the Managing Director for the Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) Program in Saskatchewan.

Maryse Vermette, President & CEO
For more than two decades, Maryse Vermette has held management positions in public and private curbside recycling organizations in Québec, Canada, pioneering developments in an activity sector that is vital for the circular economy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from Université de Montréal and an MBA. Since 2008, she has been President and CEO of Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) a private, non-profit organization that represents over 3,400 companies and organizations who are responsible for financing municipal curbside recycling programs. She served on the boards of directors of several socio-economic organizations and, in 2014-2015, she co-chaired the advisory committee on residual materials set up by the Minister of Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (Québec’s Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight against climate change).

Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal
In this year of celebrating Montreal's 375th anniversary, I am very pleased that our city has been chosen to host the 7th edition of the Conference on Canadian Stewardship.

By encouraging the sharing of expertise in innovation, governance and environmental protection, this meeting actively contributes to the development of a circular economy and healthier management of consumer products.

Responsible management practices have evolved significantly in recent years. However, there is still a need to share information in order to develop value creation models whose impact positively contributes to social and economic development and the protection of the environment.

The development of a green economy is a priority for my administration and responsible consumption is a value that is dear to Montrealers.

The creation of recovery and re-use programs, as well as the creation of incentives for ecodesigning products, are actively contributing to collective efforts to promote re-use and recycling. This convention is a great opportunity to highlight local know-how and draw inspiration from best practices in sustainable development and eco-responsibility.

I would like to congratulate Éco Entreprises Québec and all those who helped organize this event. I wish all participants meaningful discussions and a pleasant stay in our metropolis.

Have a wonderful 2017 conference!

Jean Lemire, Explorer, Ecologist, Author, Filmmaker: Our Wonderful & Fragile World
Jean Lemire joins our conference to provide his unique insights into the wonders of our natural world, while highlighting how fragile the ecological balance remains.

Trained as a biologist, Jean Lemire began a parallel career in filmmaking in 1987 to combine his love of research and science communication. In 2001, he converted an oceangoing schooner into a scientific research platform and production studio, and he has since been crisscrossing the world’s oceans to raise awareness of environmental issues.

His work on climate change and biodiversity has led to largescale scientific missions. He and his team of sailors and scientists took the legendary Northwest Passage in 2002 (Arctic Mission), overwintered in the Antarctic in 2005-2006 on a 430-day mission (Antarctic Mission), and, in 2012,
embarked on 1000 Days for the Planet, a three-year journey around the world to take stock of worldwide biodiversity, in conjunction with the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

In association with the Sedna Foundation, he has designed numerous teaching programs that have become references in the field of education. His films have won many prestigious prizes, including over 20 Gémeaux and Gemini awards, recognizing excellence in televisual production.


  • Sir Christopher Ondaatje medal for exploration,
  • The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, 2015
  • Honorary ambassador of The Green Wave for biodiversity
  • by Ban Ki Moon, 2010
  • MODORI Prize, AEON Foundation – United Nations, COP 10 Nagoya, Japon, 2010
  • Officer of the Order of Canada, 2007
  • Citation of Lifetime Achievement, Government of Canada, 2007
  • Special Phénix environmental award, Gouvernement du Québec, 2007

Robert Hutton, Vice-President, Innovative Research Group
Robert is a Vice-President with Innovative Research Group, where he contributes communications and public opinion strategies, stakeholder engagement and public consultation consulting as well as consumer & market research. He is one of Canada’s leading experts in managing public opinion, communications strategy and public affairs. His main practice areas are in advertising and communications research, stakeholder consultation and engagement, public opinion polling, and online & traditional communications. His clients have included major consumer brands, municipalities, NGO’s and NFP’s and major corporations. A pioneer in understanding social media, he created one of the first comprehensive studies into social media usages and attitudes, presented at the Advertising Research Foundation annual conference in New York in 2008. Robert is one of the few RIVA "Master Moderators" in Canada, completing the highly-regarded designation in facilitation and qualitative research at the RIVA Institute in Maryland. He also holds the Professional Researcher Certification at the Expert level from the Market Research Association (U.S.A.). Recent projects include brand positioning, sustainability strategy and ad development for a major national industry collective, brand health for a major tech provider, stakeholder evaluation of regional transit plans, advertising and market development for a South American tourism campaign, ethnography for a major coffee brand, and redefining the retail concept for a major beverage chain. He has frequently been called on to provide expert witness testimony on major legal cases, including a major liability litigation and a major consumer class action. He has testified in from of the CRTC, the House of Commons committee on the Trans Pacific Partnership, and in a range of municipal matters. On the political and government side, Robert has been at the senior leadership level on numerous political campaigns – national, provincial, municipal and party leadership - including the winning 2014 Ontario Liberal campaign and the winning 2014 Toronto mayoralty campaign. Respected on both sides of the room, bring deep knowledge of the voter together with strong communications strategy to develop a winning strategy. Pioneer in applying consumer research techniques to the public affairs arena. Recently worked on issues around transit, casinos and outsourcing.

Mdm Karine Joizil, Chair, RECYC QUÉBEC
Since her call to the Quebec Bar in 2001, Karine Joizil has developed skills in administrative and commercial litigation. Recently, she has joined as a partner the law firm Lavery, de Billy. Previously, she was practicing law in a boutique firm specializing in class actions and has been a partner in a major international firm. Since 2005, she has taught public and administrative law as a lecturer at l’École du Barreau du Québec. In addition to her legal career, Me Joizil is actively involved in her community. She sits as Chair of the Board of the Société québécoise de récupération et de recyclage. Over the years, she has been involved with Tangente, the Réseau québécois de procréation assistée, the YMCA, the Fonds des petits miracles of the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Jeune chambre de commerce haïtienne, and the Cercle des jeunes leaders de la Fondation du CHU Sainte-Justine. Me Joizil has received numerous prizes and distinctions, including the “Young Politically Engaged Leader” award, which she received from the Jeune chambre de commerce haïtienne in 2009. In 2008, she received the “Lawyer of the Year” award in the civil and commercial litigation category from the Jeune Barreau de Montréal. In 2007, Me Joizil was recognized as an honouree of Black History Month.

Denis Brisebois, Executive Vice President, Metro Foods
M. Denis Brisebois has worked for almost 35 years for major food chains, the last 15 years of which as Vice-President at Metro. In addition to managing Metro’s affiliated and franchised stores, he is deeply involved in the application of Metro's Social Responsibility Policy, particularly measures relating to packaging, residual materials management, energy use reduction and sustainable fishing. Previously, he held a variety of management positions in the areas of finance and store operations. Mr. Brisebois has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Université Laval. He has been sitting on Éco Entreprises Québec’s Board of directors since June 2009 and was appointed Chairman in April 2010. For the past 15 years, he also has been sitting on the Boards of several charitable organizations, including Mira.

John D. Coyne, Vice President Legal & External Affairs, Unilever Canada Inc.
John has been with Unilever Canada since 1992. He is a member of Unilever Canada’s board of directors, the Canadian Leadership Team and chair of the company’s Pension Committee. John is well known for his leadership in corporate sustainability. He is a passionate activator of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever’s strategy to grow the business, reduce its environmental footprint and increase its positive contribution to society. John is Executive Chair of the Board of Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, Inc., Chair of the Board of Stewardship Ontario and is a director of Evergreen. In addition, John is Co-Chair of the Partners in Project Green steering committee, a major environmental initiative of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. John has been recognized for his leadership in corporate sustainability by being named by Clean 50 as one of Canada’s top sustainability leaders and in 2015, John was appointed as a member of the Ontario Government’s Climate Action Group advising the Ontario Minister of the Environment on effective climate change actions that will help Ontario meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals and transition to a prosperous, low-carbon economy. John also works closely with industry groups and other organizations.  He is Chair of the board of Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation and is director and past Chair of the Association.

Jeff van Damme, Vice-President and General Counsel, Samsung Canada
Jeff Van Damme is Vice-President and General Counsel of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. In this capacity Jeff also holds the role of Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Privacy Officer and heads up the organization’s government affairs. Jeff has been actively involved in end producer responsibility since joining Samsung and is the current Chair of Electronic Products Stewardship Canada as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the Electronic Products Recycling Association and the Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable. Prior to joining Samsung Electronics Canada, Jeff spent over 10 years in the automotive sector most recently as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Nissan Canada Inc. and prior to that as Legal Counsel for BMW Canada Inc. Prior to joining BMW Canada Jeff practiced law at McMillan LLP.

Ms. Hélène Lauzon, President, Quebec Business Council on the Environment (CPEQ)
Hélène Lauzon was appointed in May 2008 as President of the Quebec Business Council on the Environment (CPEQ). The CPEQ speaks for Quebec businesses on, among other things, the environment and sustainable development. As President, Ms. Lauzon is regularly invited to take position in the media, in parliamentary commissions, in universities, and in various other venues, on issues regarding the environment, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Hélène Lauzon has a degree in law and a Master’s degree in urban planning. She is a lawyer and an urbanist. Ms. Lauzon is currently a member of several national and provincial working groups, and enforces the concerns and contributions of Quebec businesses in the environment and sustainable development fields. Ms. Lauzon serves on several boards of directors, including those of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the "Association Minière du Québec (AMQ)" and the "Société du Plan Nord". She also serves as co-president of the Advisory Committee on climate change for the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change (MDDELCC), Mr. David Heurtel. She we also recently entrusted (2017) by the Federal Minister of Natural Resources to serve as the co-chair of the National Energy Board (NEB) Modernization Expert Panel.  Long active on environmental issues, Ms. Lauzon served as President of the Canadian Bar Association’s Environment Section (Quebec Division) from 1994 to 1996. She has over 20 years’ experience in private practice, primarily with Lavery, the firm where she practiced as part of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources law team from 1987 to 2008, as a partner. Ms. Lauzon as an urban planner has developed first-rate expertise in land use planning. In particular, she acted as a commissioner in public consultations held for the "Office de la consultation publique" for the City of Montreal.

Dominique Potelle, Team Manager-Extended Producer Responsibility and Financial Programs, RECYC QUÉBEC
With a degree in Administration - Marketing and International Business from McGill University, Dominique has had extensive experience managing major accounts for the plastics manufacturing industry. Over the course of her career, Dominique has managed strategic issues for several industrial committees and environmental associations. Since joining RECYC-QUÉBEC in 2009, she has piloted the issue of extended producer responsibility, particularly in the area of electrical and electronic products, participating in the analysis and development of national and provincial laws and regulations and working closely with the various stakeholders. In 2012, Dominique became responsible for the governance of agreements covering extended producer responsibility, to optimize the implementation of companies’ recovery and recovery programs. She has also headed up the financial program since the end of 2016.

Glenda Gies, Chair, Ontario Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority
Glenda established Durham Recycling in 1978 and worked with local municipalities and the Region to introduce recycling services to residents and businesses across the Region. After working as an independent consultant with Canadian and international organizations, governments and private companies, Glenda joined Waste Diversion Ontario as Executive Director on April 1, 2003 and provided oversight of industry funding organizations in the development and implementation of diversion programs under the Waste Diversion Act. After leaving WDO in December 2010, Glenda provided consulting services in the field of producer responsibility, including leading project teams to develop a producer responsibility program for residential packaging and printed paper for Multi-Material British Columbia and a shared responsibility stewardship program for residential packaging and printed paper for Multi-Material Stewardship Western. On November 30, 2016, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change appointed Glenda as Chair of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority.

Bob McDonald, Director Extended Producer Responsibility, BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
Bob McDonald has been managing waste diversion programs in BC for the past 25 years.  He was part of BC government's original 'in-house' managed stewardship programs in the early 1990's, and has recently returned to the Ministry to lead some 21 different Extended Producer Responsibility programs now in place.  He also served with local government for many years overseeing the implementation of these and other waste diversion initiatives, and led the Cowichan Valley Regional District towards achieving one of the lowest per-capita waste disposal rates in Canada, while also building a thriving local waste management industry.  Bob has a diverse range of education, including the trades, marketing management and business administration.  And while he has served on boards of various non-profit environmental associations in the waste management sector, he is equally comfortable engaging industry in corporate sustainability pursuits.

Paulina Leung, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Emterra Group
Paulina Leung is the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development of Emterra Group, a family-owned waste diversion and recyclables resource recovery leader in Canada and the state of Michigan for over 40 years. Wearing multiple hats as both an employee and family business member of Emterra Group, Paulina is responsible for initiatives that grow and develop all companies within Emterra Group, including developing new products and services for the circular economy, bidding and implementing new contracts and undertaking special projects, especially those related to business process improvements, customer service delivery, and green/alternative fuels and technology. From a broader level, she also oversees corporate services including communications, human resources, and information technology. Paulina has an Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario and serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Waste Management Association and the Recycling Council of Ontario and various advisory boards of non-profit and for-profit organizations. She was invited to participate in the Circular Economy Innovation Lab’s Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab, which is founded by The Natural Step Canada and loves going to work every day.

Herman Huisman, Dutch Government
Herman Huisman is senior advisor/expert and coordinator international projects of RWS Environment’s department. The waste management department is the competent authority responsible for monitoring of all waste streams, executing subsidy schemes, policy advisor for State Government (preparing policy documents and National programs) and providing information to local government and private companies. An environmental biologist by training, Herman began his career at the Scientific Council for Government Policy, a think thank of the Prime Minister in the Netherlands. After seven years he was assigned to build up the Commission on Environmental Impact Asssement. In 1991 he was asked to set up the Bureau of the Waste Management Council which served as a political platform for consultation and coordination between the National, Provincial and Municipal authorities on waste management in the Netherlands. In 2001 he was appointed as the exective secretary of the Council and managing director of the Bureau. In 2005 the Bureau merged with NL Agency, an Agency of the Ministery of Ecomic Affairs. In 2013 the Environment Division of NL Agency was transferred to RWS, an Agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. In his position of international coordinator he is/was involved and set up projects in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Macedonia, Morocco, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, Tanzania, Turkey, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine, USA and UAE, and was invited as speaker to many International Conferences.

Michiel de Smet, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Michiel De Smet works as a project manager in the New Plastics Economy initiative team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. By closing knowledge gaps and engaging policymakers and international institutions, he aims to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy for plastics. Before, Michiel consulted management executives in both private sector, working at McKinsey & Company, and social sector, through the OnPurpose leadership programme. He also has experience with fundamental research, holding a PhD in mathematical logic, and with the thrills of beekeeping.

Joachim Quoden, Executive Director, EXPRA, Belgium
Joachim Quoden studied law at the “Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität” in Bonn between 1987 and 1992 and served his legal internship in Bonn and Cologne from 1993 until 1995. In between these placements, he spent 4 months within the German Federal Ministry of Environment where he was working on packaging issues including the German Packaging Ordinance. From February 1993 until June 2006 Mr Quoden worked for Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) in various capacities. From January 2001, he served as Head of International Affairs of DSD and was vested with general commercial power of representation in 2003. In January 2001, he also became Secretary General of PRO EUROPE, the umbrella organisation of 35 packaging recovery organisations using the Green Dot trademark. Between April 2005 and February 2013, he was appointed as managing director of this organisation. Since April 2013 he is appointed as managing director of EXPRA – Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance - Inspiring Packaging Recycling, a new alliance of currently 25 non-profit packaging recovery organisations owned by obliged industry from 23 countries from Europe, Canada and Israel. Besides this, he is working since June 1995 as independent German Lawyer specialized on international extended producer responsibility legislation. Since October 2013 he is appointed as chair of the ISWA Working Group Governance & Legal Issues and therefore member of ISWA’s Scientific & Technical Committee; he is member of the Advisory Panel of the Global Product Stewardship Council (Sydney), member of the Advisory Council of the Product Stewardship Institute (Boston) and member of the OECD EPR expert group. He was also an expert of the ISO global standardisation project SIS/TK 165/AG 10 Packaging and Environment that has developed between 2009 and 2012 global standards on packaging optimisation, recycling, reuse and energy recovery.

He is a member of

Further details can be found here: http://www.quoden.com

Janice Noronha, Director of Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC
Janice Noronha is a Director within the Risk Assurance Services of PwC Montreal, leading the Sustainability and Climate Change Practice in Québec.  She has more than twenty years of experience in the review, development and implementation of sustainable development strategies, programs and reporting frameworks.  

She has specialized experience in the area of industrial ecology, having worked with numerous companies to identify material efficiency and waste prevention strategies. Her Master’s thesis on industrial ecology led her to work with more than 500 companies in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where she identified various material reuse and recycling opportunities for inter-company circular economy relationships within an industrial park setting.  

Following from her academic studies, she has continued to work in a consulting capacity with a diverse range of companies to integrate industrial ecology principles into planning, design, and operational aspects of business, identifying opportunities to contribute to the circular economy. She also has extensive experience implementing environmental management systems within various sectors, such as the ISO 14001 EMS Standard, which has integrated waste management practices that focus on prevention and diversion from landfills.

Her experience within the sustainability field covers a diverse range of industrial and institutional settings in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, including transportation, aerospace, financial services and the metal and mining sectors. She holds a Masters of Management in Environmental Studies (MES) from Dalhousie University and has a postgraduate degree in Public Administration, and an undergraduate degree in Earth Science and Political Science from Laurentian University.

Dr. Sophie Bernard, Professor, Montreal Polytechnic University
Sophie Bernard earned a PhD in economics from the University of Ottawa and went on to complete a post-doctorate at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Today, she is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal. She specializes in end-of-life management, specifically remanufacturing, product ecodesign and international waste trade. She has focused her research on the illegal waste market, extended producer responsibility and public policy related to the circular economy.

Chris Lindberg, Executive Director, Ontario's Circular Economy Lab
Chris Lindberg leads the development and implementation of the Circular Economy Lab, which is an initiative of The Natural Step Canada. The Circular Economy Lab's mission is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy in Ontario and beyond. As Director, Chris brings public and private sector organizations together to help them understand and capture the opportunities provided by sustainability and the circular economy. Chris has more than 20 years of experience working with public and private sector organizations to develop and implement their strategic plans, engagement strategies and sustainability initiatives. Prior to joining The Natural Step Canada, Chris worked as a sustainability professional with a variety of organizations, including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Golder Associates, Stratos Inc. and the Light House Sustainable Building Centre. He is a proud father of two and a graduate of Simon Fraser University.

Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability, PAC
Rachel Morier leads PAC's sustainability programs, PAC NEXT and PAC FOOD, to facilitate the convergence of ideas and identify sustainable solutions that move toward A World Without Packaging and Food Waste. Rachel has been with PAC since the PAC NEXT program launched in 2011 and joined upon completing a Master in Environmental Studies at York University and concurrent Graduate Diploma in Business and Environment from the Schulich School of business. Today, she continues as a guest speaker and course presenter of the Sustainable Packaging & Optimization course which focuses on optimizing package designs for efficient recovery and waste reduction.

Barry Friesen, General Manager, CleanFARMS Inc.
Barry Friesen is general manager of CleanFARMS Inc., a non-profit stewardship organization committed to environmental responsibility through the proper management of agricultural waste. Under his leadership, CleanFARMS programs have earned a reputation of excellence around the world.  A professional engineer, Friesen’s influence in waste management spans over two decades. He is a recipient of numerous industry accolades, including the 2016 Executive of the Year award. Friesen is the founding board member of the Canadian Product Stewardship Council, a board member of the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association, and is active in his local Rotary Club.

Shane Hedderson, Western Canadian Business Manager, CleanFARMS Inc.
Shane is the Western Canadian Business Manager for CleanFARMS Inc. - a national non-profit industry stewardship organization for agricultural plastics and packaging, representing over 50 members from the Canadian crop protection, fertilizer, seed and animal health industries. At CleanFARMS, Shane is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the plastics and packaging collection programs across western Canada, new program development, the internal Health, Safety and Environment program, and material management. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Business from the University of Waterloo and is currently pursuing his MBA in Sustainable Commerce from the University of Guelph.

Pierre De Lépinau, CEO, Adivalor, France
Pierre de Lépinau has been General Manager of ADIVALOR since its creation in 2001. An agricultural engineer by training, he has held management positions in agro-supply, both in France and abroad. He has enthusiastically invested in the success of the A.D.I. Valor initiative: it embodies the commitment and values of responsibility of the French agricultural interprofession, bringing together farmers, distributors and agro-supply companies.

About A.D.I. Valor:
Farmers (Agriculteurs in French), Distributors, and Industrial for the VALORization of waste from agro-supply, A.D.I.VALOR is responsible for the management of agricultural waste in France. This voluntary organization consists of 330 industrials or importers, 1,200 distributors and 300,000 farmers. More than 70,000 tonnes of used plastics and packaging are collected annually in the agricultural sector with 91 per cent of the material recycled.

Steve Alexander, President, The Association of Plastic Recyclers
Steve Alexander serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of  Plastic Recyclers-The Voice of Plastic Recyclers- a Washington, DC based trade association whose members represent more than 95% of the processing capacity for postconsumer plastics in North America. APR serves the plastics recycling industry by providing technical and educational solutions with a goal of creating more good supply of material for recycling and enhancing the quality of the existing supply stream. In addition, Alexander is the President and founder of The CMR Group LLC, a Government Relations and Public Affairs Consulting firm in Washington, DC. CMR serves as the management arm of the APR. Prior to forming CMR, Mr. Alexander spent more than 20 year representing corporate and association clients on Capitol Hill and in State Houses across the country, including 10 years with Eastman Kodak Company, where he specialized in environment, technology and appropriations issues. He is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, and holds an MBA from the Sellenger School of Business at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. He can be reached at steve@plasticsrecycling.org.

Cynthia Dunn, Supervising Senior Environmental Scientist, CalRecycle
Cynthia leads a team that collaborates internally and externally to oversee CalRecycle’s responsibilities under California’s carpet, mattress, and paint Extended Producer Responsibility laws.  She has also been the Department’s lead on California’s 75 percent goal relative to packaging since 2012, working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders with the goal of reducing the amount of packaging landfilled in the state. Cynthia received her Bachelor’s of Science from San José State University in Environmental Studies with a minor in Packaging Technologies.

James D Downham, President & CEO, PAC Packaging Consortium
Since 2006 Jim Downham has been advancing the packaging industry agenda as the President & CEO for the not-for-profit, PAC, Packaging Consortium.  Prior to PAC Jim spent his career in the manufacturing of package materials/containers rising to the level of CEO of a $175 million multi-plant North American packaging leader. In 2000 Jim founded LeaderLinx, a packaging industry consultant.  In November 2014 Jim reached the pinnacle of his career when he was inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame in Chicago, Illinois.

Monique Oxender, Chief Sustainability Officer, Keurig Canada
Monique Oxender leads Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. efforts to Brew a Better World as its Chief Sustainability Officer. Monique joined Keurig Green Mountain in 2012 and has navigated a path for integrated sustainability management. This journey travels directly through the intersection of world benefit and business value, informed by meaningful internal and external stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining the company, Monique spent eight years with Ford Motor Company where she designed and developed a leading supply chain sustainability program spanning the company's $65B buy from 60 countries. Issues under her responsibility included human rights, indirect carbon and water footprints, and raw material transparency. In addition, she served as Chair of multiple industry workgroups for the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and represented Ford on United Nations Global Compact, US State Department, Department of Labor and OECD advisory groups. With a background in secondary education and sustainability, Monique has an MBA and an MS from the University of Michigan.

Ferdinand Tchounkeu, Vice-President of Technical & Quality Management, Nespresso Canada
Ferdinand Tchounkeu is Vice-President of Technical & Quality Management at Nespresso Canada. He is graduated from the "Valais Graduate School of Engineering" in Switzerland, holds a certificate in Financial Planning, a MBA from HEC Montreal and has been working in projects and operations management in the food industry for many years in Montreal and internationally. He started his career at Nestlé in Switzerland, and has led numerous strategic and strong added value projects including environment. His leadership and fine understanding of the industry makes him a great agent of change. He has also contributed to the publication of articles on innovative analytical methods and Allergen Management in food processing industry.

Kim Cunningham, VP Category Marketing, Mother Parkers
Kim Cunningham leads the category and marketing functions at Mother Parkers with responsibility for overall performance of the company’s main product categories: Coffee, Tea, and Single-Serve Capsules.  She joined Mother Parkers in 2017 following several senior level sales, marketing and business development roles.  As Director of Sales and Marketing for Starbucks Coffee Company, Kim led successful teams in driving growth through new platforms, channels and brands including the expansion of the single-serve format.  She has extensive experience in the foodservice and office coffee channels with both Starbucks and Timothy’s World Coffee.  In addition to 15 years in the coffee industry, Kim has held marketing leadership roles in global shopper data analytics, and with a multinational microbrewery.   Kim has taken an active role with trade and industry groups, including two years as a Board Member and Committee Chair of the Women’s Foodservice Forum, and has a strong commitment to leadership development

Claudio Gemmiti, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Strategic Growth, Club Coffee
Since 2013, Claudio Gemmiti has been an instrumental leader at Club Coffee, bringing his extensive background in brand management to use with the Company’s innovative, 100% compostable single-serve coffee pod, the first of its kind in the world. Gemmiti is a strategic thinker with deep consumer and packed goods research and development acumen. Before he joined Club Coffee, he drove profitable growth and enhanced stakeholder satisfaction with Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Procter and Gamble for more than two decades. Gemmiti has a proven track record for leadership and for building high performing teams resulting in game-changing innovation and dynamic results in product and brand development.

Christina Seidel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta
Christina holds a PhD in Engineering Management, a Masters degree in Environmental Design (Environmental Science), as well as a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.  She operates sonnevera international corp., a waste reduction consulting firm, and is the current Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta. Christina loves rural life, choosing to live on a farm near Bluffton, Alberta, where her and her family raise Warmblood horses, and enjoy many other outdoor activities.

Geoff Love, President, Love Environment
Geoff Love is President of Love Environment has been in the recycling and producer responsibility consulting business since the early 1980s. He was a co-founder of Extended Producer Responsibility Canada (EPR Canada) in 2011. Geoff has worked on waste diversion and EPR projects in every province across Canada and throughout Europe.  He is the former chair of both the Pollution Probe Foundation and Friends of the Earth Canada, and so has also been active on climate change issues for over 25 years. He lives in Stratford Ontario and serves on city’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee and its Energy and Environment Committee. Geoff co-manages a recruitment firm that works exclusively in the environmental, green tech and sustainability fields.

Mark Badger, Executive Vice President, Canada Fibers - Urban Resource Group
Mark Badger currently serves as Executive Vice President of Canada Fibers and President of the Urban Resource Group of Companies.  In these roles, he is engaged in expanding recovery and recycling of valuable materials through a highly-integrated network of companies.     

After graduating from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in 1980, Mr. Badger held executive positions with leading firms in the North American building products and chemical industries, including Royal Group Technologies, BF Goodrich Corporation and Georgia Gulf Corporation. While at Royal Group, Mr. Badger served in a series of senior executive roles, helping the Company to grow exponentially. In 2005, he was appointed by Royal’s Board of Directors to lead the process of soliciting bids for the NYSE and TSX listed company, which was sold to Georgia Gulf Corporation at a 43% premium to market.  Subsequent to the acquisition, Mr. Badger assisted the CEO of Georgia Gulf with integration, as well as investor development activities.

Following Georgia Gulf, Mr. Badger was appointed CEO of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, leading the association to financial stability through strategic focus on value-added services, cost cutting and divestitures of non-core assets.  The association’s turnaround along with Mr. Badger’s contributions to innovation in the industry were recognized when he was appointed the Plastics Industry Leader of the Year in 2011.

During the period 2011 through 2013, Mr. Badger served as President and CEO of Switchable Solutions Inc., a start-up company commercializing a revolutionary clean technology invented at Queens University. Under Mr. Badger’s leadership, Switchable Solutions applied its proprietary clean technology to efficient, effective and environmentally friendly processing of oil sands.  Switchable Solutions attracted substantial investment capital and advanced its technology successfully to pilot stages through partnerships with oil producers. In 2013, Corporate Knights recognized Switchable Solutions as one of the leading emerging clean technology firms in Canada. 

Mr. Badger graduated from the Institute of Corporate Directors’ Education Program in January 2012 and is an Institute of Corporate Directors Certified Director (ICD.D).  He has served on the boards of Royal Group, Switchable Solutions, CPSC, CPIA and The John Howard Society.

Mr. Badger received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada in 2002, in recognition of his leadership roles with charitable organizations.

Elena Papakosta, Environmental Compliance Manager, Dell Inc.
Elena Papakosta has served as Environmental Compliance Manager for Canada at Dell Inc. since 2008.  In this role, Ms. Papakosta has led the implementation of provincial recycling regulations, including regulatory interpretation, service planning, information systems and process implementation, and communications and is also Dell’s Global Lead for End of Life standards development for the EPEAT green procurement standard. Ms. Papakosta has represented Dell on a number of industry and provincial boards in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario, focused on environmental compliance and responsible electronics recycling in the technology industry between 2009 and 2012. Prior to joining Dell, Ms. Papakosta spent ten years in Marketing and IT Project Management at TELUS Communications in Burnaby, British Columbia. Ms. Papakosta is a certified Project Manager, a certified ITIL practitioner, has studied Marketing and Computer Programming at British Columbia Institute of Technology and serves several volunteer causes including the Cancer Foundation, MS Society, Arthritis Society and Boys & Girls Club in Langley, British Columbia where she works and lives.

Tonny Colyn, National Manager, The Salvation Army
As an accomplished team leader and industry expert in the world of retail thrift, Tonny Colyn has over three decades of experience in developing business systems, retail plans, and community partnerships. Working with The Salvation Army National Recycling Operation since 2013, she currently works as National Product Acquisitions Manager. Along with five years of experience with Habitat for Humanity, she also has an extensive background in liquidation and real estate. Serving businesses and donors across Canada, her passion for thrift and textile recycling are examples of environmental stewardship which Tonny carries perpetually through both her professional and personal life.

Meena Hassanali, Director for Industry Programs, Provision Coalition
As Director for Industry Programs, Meena is responsible for delivery of Provision Coalition’s industry programs and award winning sustainability resources, including the Processing Food Sustainably Program. Meena brings over 13 years of leadership experience in sustainability programming, working with small and large manufacturers to implement sustainable business practices that create environmental, social and business value. At Provision, Meena leads the public policy collaboration efforts on behalf of the food and beverage manufacturing sector, and directs Provision’s food loss + waste initiative by engaging value chain stakeholders to find solutions to address the $31 billion in food wasted annually in Canada. Passionate about Provision’s purpose, Meena continues to take a leadership role in the development of strategic partnerships among private, public and non-government organizations. Meena holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University.